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VoPay Partners With Hydrogen to Offer Fintech Clients Seamless Access to Open Banking Payments (

  • VoPay empowers businesses to offer direct bank account payments just like credit cards
  • Increased access to open banking is empowering fintechs to offer a better consumer experience 
  • API integration provides a simple, yet powerful plug and pay solution 

VANCOUVER, BC–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VoPay, a leader in payment technology innovation, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with New York based Hydrogen, a global fintech acceleration platform, to offer their clients powerful end-to-end payment processing solutions, including open banking payments.

The partnership empowers fintechs to access VoPay’s digital bank payment tools directly through the Hydrogen API, in addition to Hydrogen’s other financial service integrations. This access will enable fintechs to better serve the 57.5% of consumers who admit to being interested in banking with non-financial companies. This comes at a time where research from a new Accenture report predicts financial incumbent banks will lose up to 15% of their revenue pool in retail payments to fintechs over the next three years.

VoPay’s Founder & CEO, Hamed Arbabi, said, “Most financial technology companies don’t have the resources nor the time to quickly connect to payment networks or handle complex workflows. Through our partnership with Hydrogen, we empower fintechs to go to market faster, scale more rapidly and automate key processes through our white label solution.”

“This partnership will allow the Hydrogen network to transfer money between accounts and verify the account owners, in a seamless way. This is another step towards an era where one platform is open to fintech providers, financial institutions, third-party vendors, and end users – an ecosystem of the future of finance.” stated Ken Kavanaugh, Director of Partnerships at Hydrogen.

VoPay’s solutions will be available through the Hydrogen Platform in early 2020 or can be accessed directly at:

About VoPay

VoPay is a leader in payment innovation, digitizing online bank account payments with speed and transparency. Our API connects digital enterprises to banking systems, enabling them to facilitate direct bank account payments just like credit cards – but better. At VoPay, we have one goal: to eliminate all payment inefficiencies, so businesses can focus on what they do best in today’s digital economy. Discover the art of seamless and secure bank payments at

About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is The Global Fintech Acceleration Platform. The Hydrogen SaaS platform enables businesses around the globe to deploy sophisticated fintech apps and solutions in 80% less time and cost. Hydrogen has won over a dozen awards, including World Changing Technology by Fast Company, Fintech Startup of the Year by KPMG Luxembourg, and Open Talent USA by BBVA. Learn more:

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