Rapid Digital Transformation Is Not Impossible!

There are three things legacy Financial Services, Insurance and Risk Management firms need in order to stop fearing (and start embracing) industry disruption.

Clarity of Vision

What do you want the firm to be in 3, 5 or 10 years? Do these questions cause mild anxiety?

Not easy questions to answer. Certainly not without the right strategic perception of the market, technology, data and related opportunities.

Ability to Execute

How confidence are you that your teams can deliver on time, quality and budget?

Most large firms suffer when it comes to IT project execution. Key reasons are a tendency to plan incorrectly, underestimate effort, and over-allocate resources.

Data & Insights

Let me guess, your leadership is asking you to introduce Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

In 2021 you will not find a single Financial Services firm that fails to speak to their unique data and analytics offerings. Yet, in practice most do little to deliver on this.

Practical Strategy Pillars

Many people frown on strategies and talk only about execution. This generally stems from past experience whereby strategies were so ambiguous, they were useless.

The best approach to strategy is a practical one which creates common sense frameworks for firms to use as guideposts against which decisions are evaluated, and clear targets to align management and teams.

Low Risk Plans & Sprints

Simon has been running agile product teams since 2004, even before agile became a hip term.

We hate taking unnecessary risks. The good news is, with the right approach very limited risk is ever incurred. Too often risk taking is seen as an inherent part of innovation, while the truth is, this stems from lack of investment in strategy and iterative execution.

Data Driven Products & Services

We believe that data and insight form the core of the greatest potential sustainable differentiation a firm can achieve.

The challenge is identifying how to do this, what internal and 3rd party data to use, what products or services to create, what to charge and if/how to leverage advanced analytics such as AI & ML.

What We Do – Our Support Programs & Services

Data Asset Inventory & Readiness

Most services firms are sitting on potential goldmines in customer information, and yet have limited current understanding of what they have, its quality and completeness.

Global Data Insights is experienced at working with internal teams to rapidly inventory and evaluate their data assets for use in products or services, as well as for marketing and client management purposes.

Part of this evaluation includes the architecture and interfaces – how the data is stored, and how it may be extracted for use.

A standard deliverable includes a detailed inventory of existing assets, their contents, quality (completeness, reliability, frequency of update), as well storage and options for practical extraction and use (e.g. APIs, exports).

Typical time: 2-4 weeks

End to End Strategy Building Blocks

It is impossible and often a total waste to spend a single dollar on engineering, development and data science without solid strategic building blocks.

Corporate unit strategy, product strategy, analytics, data, partnerships, marketing, sales and GTM, along with product roadmaps and pricing models are all critical pieces.

Interestingly, they are a lot faster and easier to develop than most people think. The trick is to keep things simple and stop spending endless cycles on wordsmithing and other trivial matters.

Standard deliverables take the form of a PPT deck that is easily consumed by executive audiences, as well as all product, data, analytics, marketing and sales team.

Typical time: 4-6 weeks

Data & Analytics Products, Services

Many firms are mandated from above to introduce AI & ML features. Unfortunately, without the right strategies, approach and skillset, this generally becomes a futile, expensive escapade.

For years now we have been using a methodical approach to determine what role data and advanced analytics may play as part of a firm’s product strategy. Then, working with teams to build out detailed roadmaps, prototypes, and for plans for their validation and execution.

For many firms, Data & Analytical solutions are very different from their existing solutions, and require a knowledgeable team to collaborate on their realization in market.

Typical time: 1-2 months

Rapid Market Validation & Prototyping

What should we build? What experience will work? What can we charge? What are our insights and worth?

The truth is, the best way to figure this out is by engaging with market players and testing assumptions iteratively.

These tests can last a few hours or weeks at a time, and often start with simple interactive prototypes that help to tell the right story.

Interactive Prototypes cost very little, look amazing and are hands-down the best way to validate assumptions with clients, partners and others.

Typical time: 4-6 weeks

Go to Market Planning & Execution Support

Often seen as most critical and impactful is our Go to Market support. Strategies, data inventories, development concepts all serve a purpose – to help firms make decisions on how to operate and win in market.

The GTM phase includes a detailed yet flexible plan built with other firm stakeholders, the identification of staffing and allocations, budgets and capabilities. In some cases, we are asked to help lead or support the execution due to firm staffing constraints.

Typical time: 1-2 months

Organizational Design, Training & Coaching

While it’s wonderful to have great ideas, people and technology, without clarity of mandates and the right support structures, the day to day rapidly becomes overwhelming.

A core part of our support includes group design and staffing, as well as practical training and ongoing skill evaluation for product, analytics, data as well as other market facing groups such as marketing and sales teams.

Training can take the form of a single short training day, several days or periodic hands on, experiential assessments.

Singe Day, Multi-day and weekly schedules available.

Market Interviews – Clients, Partners & Competitors

Firms are traditionally weak at truly listening to their clients. The primary reason for this is the tendency to always be in sales or account management mode.

Thankfully, many people open up when approached by a neutral party with a mandate to understand their needs, constraints, fears and dislikes – especially when this person is highly empathetic, has a good understanding of their business reality and no sales mandate whatsoever. In the case of paid expert interviews, there is that incentive as well of course.

Over the years we have completed interviews with a vast array of experts and firms from all over the globe. We work with leading Expert Network firms to conduct these, in a secure, confidential manner.

Custom Programs

Inline with our agile approach to…everything, firms can pick and choose portions of different programs, based on their maturity, budget, timelines and practical needs.

Contact us for a discussion.

A Sample of Happy Clients (others are confidential or in stealth mode)

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