COVID-19 Impacts Fintech Retail

The Domino Effect: 5 Ways Coronavirus Will Forever Change Retail (Chris Walton, Forbes)

Following World War II, i.e. the last event of a similar magnitude to what the world now faces with coronavirus, the United States was focused on controlling the spread of communism. One popular theory at the time, domino theory, suggested that the rise of communism in one nation could quickly spread into other nations. And, while […]

Fintech Loyalty Open Banking Retail

2020: the year where open banking and card linked tracking advance customer personalisation (Ben Stirling,

In 2020, innovations in technology will create a whole new level of nuanced, data-driven customer personalisation. The increasing prominence of open banking and card-linked tracking will provide more insight into consumer shopping patterns and financial behaviours – if brands take the steps necessary to utilise this information. It will provide both an opportunity for customers […]


Growth In A Customer-Led Market (Forrester)

2017 and 2018 CX Index results show that banks are struggling to create and maintain a human connection with customers. If customer loyalty is an economic engine, that engine is sputtering. This erosion of loyalty is happening while fintech providers specializing in specific high-value experiences and commerce platforms optimized for customer engagement move more aggressively […]