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UK Call for Input: Open finance (Canadian Senator Colin Deacon’s post on Linked-In)

Britain’s FCA has just issued a Call for Input. The purpose is to continue to examine the risks and opportunities associated with hashtag#OpenBanking, and move the discussion to hashtag#OpenFinance: “Open banking is the first data sharing and data access initiative of this scale to be underpinned by legislation requiring industry institutions to provide access to […]

Open Banking Open Finance selected by Credit Suisse for DTR program (Megha Bhattacharya, ibis

AI and Machine Learning solutions provider, H2O.aiannounced that it has been selected by Credit Suisse as a member of the 2019 Disruptive Technology Recognition (DTR) Program. The program aims to recognise the companies with technologies enough to disrupt traditional IT with new, visionary, and innovative approaches. “At Credit Suisse, technology innovation is key to providing the […]

Open Banking Open Finance UK

UK Regulator Looks To Expand Open Banking Beyond Banking (

In the U.K., Open Banking could be expanded soon to allow for data sharing between a much larger range of finance companies, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Open Banking allows bank customers to share their financial data with other people and companies. In turn, those companies may have recommendations to switch to a different financial […]

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Transforming the insurance sector to an Open API Ecosystem (Jori Lochy,

Below is a snippet from the article, which is quite involved and worth a careful read. The full article is at Impacts on the Insurance industry The insurance landscape is undergoing its most fundamental transformation in decades, driven by the fast digitalisation in the sector. Just like the entertainment, media and retail industry, the […]

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10 Trends That Shaped Banking In 2019 – A Look Back Before Looking Forward (Alan McIntyre,

For the last couple of years, I’ve started each year with a Top 10 list that attempts to predict what some of the key trends and issues will be in retail and commercial banking. I’ll do that again in January for 2020, but before the calendar turns, I wanted to look back and see how my […]

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Five big bets for retail payments in North America (

Imagine banks as mere funding sources, not as primary, customer-facing retail payments players. While retail payments leaders are seeing near-term growth, incumbents are projected to lose 11 to 15 percent of their revenue pool to new competitors. We offer five big bets banks can place to drive transformational change in North America retail payments. Will […]

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Financial services in the 2020s: From Open Banking to Open Finance (

Technology continues to progress at breakneck speed. At the same time, regulations imposed by national and supra-national bodies are introduced very slowly. This leads to a lag in which technology can impact without there being ample regulatory safeguards in place. We see this across industry, with questions asked on an ever-increasing frequency: Are laws around […]