COVID-10 Dataset USA

At Risk: The Geography of America’s Senior Population (Jenna Ross,

At Risk: The U.S. Senior Population The U.S. now has the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases globally, and modelling predicts that the country could see about 100,000 to 200,000 total deaths. Unfortunately, adults aged 65 or older—about 16% of the U.S. population—are at much higher risk of both severe illness and death. Today’s chart uses U.S. Census Bureau data to […]

COVID-19 Impacts Fintech

Fintech During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Helping People With Mental Health Conditions Manage Money (Madhvi Mavadiya, Forbes)

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned the nation that the coronavirus crisis will get worse before it gets better and stricter restrictions must be put in place to tackle the spread of COVID-19. For many, the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic can feel incessant and will take its toll on mental health, especially those with […]


Covid-19: Three technology areas that CIOs must address (Cliff Saran,

CIOs will need to consider the IT measures that will be needed to support their organisations as the government ramps up its response to the coronavirus The Gartner report Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak: short- and long- term actions for CIOs recommends that IT departments ensure remote working is fully supported. In the report, Gartner said that in organisations […]

COVID-19 Impacts

Covid-19 could cause permanent shift towards home working (

Covid-19 could permanently shift working patterns as companies forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic find that their employees do not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted. The sudden increase in working from home is presenting problems as well as opportunities: on the one hand, startups such as Slack […]

COVID-19 Europe

Startups developing tech to combat COVID-19 urged to apply for fast-track EU funding (Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch)

The European Commission  put out a call Friday for startups and small businesses which are developing technologies that could help combat the COVID-19 outbreak to apply for fast-track EU funding. The push is related to a €164M pot of money that’s being made available for R&D via the European Innovation Council (EIC) — a European Union  funding vehicle which […]

COVID-19 COVID19 Visualization

Tableau – Access and analyze trusted COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global data

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 respiratory illness around the world, data and facts are essential for public understanding and an organized response. To do our part, Tableau has launched a free resource page that includes relevant data visualizations about the spread of COVID-19 and the public health response. We have also added curated […]

COVID-19 COVID19 Visualization

Interactive Splunk COVID-19 Dashboard (Doug Merritt,

Data junkies like me know that data is going to be essential to both containing the spread of the novel coronavirus and to finding an eventual vaccine. While the world is working together to stop the spread, improve treatment outcomes, and protect the most vulnerable populations, data will serve many purposes. It will help leaders […]

COVID-10 Dataset COVID-19 COVID19 Visualization

Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center

Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19. This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.