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AI Will Give Rise To FinTech 2.0 And Longevity Banks (Margaretta Colangelo,

Over the past 100 years the financial industry has largely excluded people in retirement. Even today tech entrepreneurs are ignoring financial inclusion for people over 60, who make up the wealthiest part of the financial system, and instead, are developing new financial products designed for younger people. The most valuable and capable client demographic in […]

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AI-Driven Disruption And Transformation: New Business Segments To Novel Market Opportunities (Sameer Dhanrajani,

There’s little doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the decisive strategic elements in multiple industries, and algorithms are sitting at the core of every business model and in the enterprise DNA. Conventional wisdom, based on no small amount of research, holds that the rise of AI will usher radical, disruptive changes in the incumbent […]

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Comcast launches SportsTech startup accelerator with NASCAR and others (Jake Bright,

Comcast  NBCUniversal believes its can access startup innovation while supporting future Olympic gold-medalists. The American mass media company launched its new SportsTech accelerator today, based in part, on that impetus. TechCrunch attended a briefing with Comcast  execs at 30 Rock NYC to learn more about the initiative. The SportsTech accelerator is a partnership across Comcast NBCUniversal’s sports media brands: NBC Sports, Sky […]

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Moats In Banking Are Dead: Build Bridges And Tunnels For A Competitive Advantage (Ron Shevlin,

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE FINTECH SNARK TANK In nearly every conversation I’ve had with VCs over the past six months, they’ve talked about “moats” and whether or not fintech startups are creating them.  But what are moats, did banks ever have them, are fintech startups really building them, and are they even worth building in today’s […]

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Artificial Intelligence Became Increasingly Important Among Fintech Firms, According to IT Company Fininbox (Omar Faridi, crowdfundinsider)

Fininbox, an established banking software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, has identified three main Fintech trends or developments that helped shape the financial technology industry last year. According to Fininbox, the three trends are: artificial intelligence (AI) became increasingly important among Fintech firms, a large number of traditional banks adopted Fintech solutions, and blockchain-based solutions were increasingly implemented […]

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AI And Analytics: Optimizing Your Digital Customer Journey Map (Daniel Newman,

Customer journey maps are not a new thing, but as new technologies and communication channels have infiltrated the buying journey, they’ve become a lot more—well—complicated. Rather than a linear map moving the customer from Point A (your first touchpoint of marketing) to Point B (the point of purchase), digital customer journey maps today look more like elaborate […]

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Deltec Bank, Bahamas says Artificial Intelligence, Will Change KYC, AML and Compliance Process (

Deltec Bank, Bahamas, ‘If technology is able to recognize patterns and behaviors across more channels in a faster time, the potential benefits are huge.’  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been around for some time and already automate many aspects of our lives from Google searches to shopping on Amazon and streaming on Netflix. […]

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10 Ways AI Is Going To Improve Fintech In 2020 (Louis Columbus,

Bottom Line: AI & machine learning will improve Fintech in 2020 by increasing the accuracy and personalization of payment, lending, and insurance services while also helping to discover new borrower pools.’s 2020 Predictions For AI In Credit And Lending captures the gradual improvements I’ve also been seeing across Fintech, especially at the tech stack level. Fintech […]