AI & ML COVID-19 Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence Identifies High-Risk COVID-19 Patients (Jessica Kent,

Medical Home Network is using artificial intelligence to identify Medicaid patients who are most at risk from COVID-19. Medical Home Network, an organization serving patients in the Chicago area, is using artificial intelligence to identify individuals who have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19. For Medicaid beneficiaries who face challenges such as homelessness or lack […]

AI & ML COVID-19 Therapeutics

Predictive to launch AI drug discovery platform for Covid-19 (

Predictive Oncology has announced plans to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform for vaccine and drug development under an operating agreement with Soluble Therapeutics. The company is focussed on coronaviruses and acute respiratory syndromes, including Covid-19, MERS and SARS. Predictive Oncology also signed a letter of intent with InventaBioTech to buy Soluble Therapeutics, its […]



The employment of Data Science and Machine Learning technologies is at a peak. We can see several software and tools with various innovative features in the market that serve us with the efficiency of new-age data technologies that can potentially increase a business’s efficiency and value proposition. With continuous evolution at scale such solutions too, get revamped […]

AI & ML Fintech

Salesforce adds new healthcare provider relationship management and analytics tools (Sarah Buhr, Tech Crunch)

Software giant Salesforce announced this week the addition of a few new tools in healthcare management to the Salesforce Health Cloud, with the goal being to help payers and providers utilize a more comprehensive system. The first is a healthcare provider management feature allowing doctors and other healthcare workers a way to efficiently manage new accounts and […]

AI & ML Fintech

Navigating the New Landscape of AI Platforms (Manu Sharma, Harvard Business Review)

Nearly two years ago, Seattle Sport Sciences, a company that provides data to soccer club executives, coaches, trainers and players to improve training, made a hard turn into AI. It began developing a system that tracks ball physics and player movements from video feeds. To build it, the company needed to label millions of video frames […]

AI & ML Fintech Technology Giants

Google Cloud launches new tools for deploying ML pipelines (Frederic Lardinois,

Google  Cloud today announced the beta launch of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, a new enterprise-grade service that is meant to give developers a single tool to deploy their machine learning pipelines, together with tools for monitoring and auditing them. “When you’re just prototyping a machine learning (ML) model in a notebook, it can seem fairly straightforward,” Google notes in […]


“Doing machine learning the right way” (Rob Matheson,

Professor Aleksander Madry strives to build machine-learning models that are more reliable, understandable, and robust. The work of MIT computer scientist Aleksander Madry is fueled by one core mission: “doing machine learning the right way.” Madry’s research centers largely on making machine learning — a type of artificial intelligence — more accurate, efficient, and robust […]

AI & ML Europe

Commission adds AI research ‘lighthouse’ to innovation priorities amid budget wrangle

MEPs warn the European Commission’s ambitious agenda in artificial intelligence and greening the economy are stretching limited resources thin The AI lighthouse is part of broader ambitions to pull in up to €20 billion every year for the next decade from private and public funds for AI research. To stimulate the private investments, the commission […]