Digital Transformation has become even more of a priority in our COVID impacted world. Global Data Insights focuses on supporting leading firms in the development of focused and well refined transformation initiatives that leverage data, analytics, AI and ML capabilities as core enablers. We are strategy, product and data hands-on experts with practical experience developing strategies and plans, launching products and services, dealing with market adoption challenges and pivoting as needed.

Below are a sample of our distinct offerings, which can be tailored to your precise needs.

Integrated DAP Strategic Plans (Data, Analytics , Product Strategies)
Lead the development of strategies and operational plans for creating new or enhanced data and insight-driven products, including full go-to-market planning, targets and financial models.

Execute Market Validation Programs  
Tailor and run a market validation program that de-risks the DAP strategic plan or an existing one, using a proven validation process. Click for a sample program outline and method that can be adapted to your teams. 

Team setup and training 
Setup of company-wide or dedicated analytics and product team functions, including support for hiring, training and ongoing management until teams are self-sufficient. Maintain hands-on role via periodic engagements for problem-solving and ensuring continued high performance. 

Executive & Team Training
Hands-on 1 on 1 or group workshops (remote for now) for training leaders and teams in areas such as DAP strategy and plan formulation, the application of agile principles, and practical tools to daily operations of product, analytics/data science teams, rapid prototype development and validation. 

Due Diligence and Investment Preparation
Support executive teams in the articulation and documentation of core elements that may be missing yet need completion prior to due diligence and investment, such as DAP strategies and detailed plans, roadmaps, objective review of the technical, product, data and analytical stacks.

Decision Support Toolkits
Excel and Powerpoint are NOT the right tools for decision support. This workstream develops custom, simple qualitative and quantitative dashboards that use aggregate insights to allow executives to actually make a decision, without digging through reams of data.