Bespoke Sales & Delivery of Data & Analytics for Custom Acceleration of Market Focused Digitization within Financial Services Organizations

We make it faster, easier and cheaper for FIs to acquire and convert more clients, to acquire them through the right channels, increase client product basket size and to retain them for longer. We do this by ensuring they have the best data and analytics assets at all times for suitable use in decisioning across their products.

We make it easier for FIs to delight customers as a way of standing out in a sea of commoditized players with data and insights from transactional, payments, e-Commerce, accounting and other key data assets that help tell a more compelling (and useful) story than what FIs know today about clients.

Through a wide, curated, vetted selection of the best data, analytics and FS technologies, and guidance by industry experts who were previously insiders at these companies and in FIs, we help enable FIs to more easily vet then adopt new capabilities and deploy them within days and weeks, not months or years, impacting back office and client facing journeys such as acquisition, lending, risk management and growth.

Our sales focus is on customer acquisition and marketing departments, along with the specific LOBs that manage client-facing consumer and business operations. We try to avoid the units with little to no P&L and client facing mandate or budget (but rather only good intentions…such as innovation), as well as those without the inherent incentive to proactively engage in changes, such as compliance, risk, legal. We focus on those with P&Ls who have budget and incentive to act in order to realize timely returns. 

We qualify prospects rapidly by evaluating their willingness to engage in paid PoC or pilot projects as a means to rapidly validate opportunities with little to no risk, as well as their budgetary and timing availability. Targets include small, medium and larger FIs, as we view distinct LOB’s as our focus, which even in a larger bank is run by a leader with their own distinct mandate.

Unlike others that are approaching FIs, we work with and represent an array of the best companies in the market, not just a single one. As a result we can tailor solutions with far greater precision, leveraging the best of each player, without compromising by forcing you to operate within a single product stack. We can help negotiate better terms as part of our economies of scale and work across multiple parties, globally. 

Our desired engagement model with clients is split into 3 phases which we help introduce, negotiate and secure, followed by partner and project management support. This allows us to play a central role upfront in devising the right solutions as well as ongoing to ensure success.

  • The PoC is a very narrow working demonstration of the solution, validated with a limited array of internal and external users, lasting 1 month with little to no integration. It is a scrappy version of a production system that allows for testing and validating core assumptions as to market need, solution fit, pricing, adoption and internal support. Budgets are typically $25-$50K.
  • The Pilot is a narrow, focused project that addresses a single use case and validates the core applicability and potential scalability of the solution over a short period of time in market, usually 3 months in duration. Budgets are typically $50-$150K.
  • The Rollout is a larger project that meets the needs of more than a single use case and broader audiences, over a longer period of time (3-12 months). Budgets are typically $150K-$1M.

Sample Data, Analytics & Products

  • Internal Financial Data from Accounting Systems (Boss Insights, Codat, Railz)
  • Financial Transaction Data from banks, Payment Data (Flinks, Plaid, Yodlee, Mx, Global Payments, Stripe, Paypal)
  • Internal operational, marketing, advertising, CRM data (Boss Insights
  • Credit data for commercial firms & consumers (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian)
  • Payment data for Commercial firms & Consumers (VoPay)  
  • Banking workflows for customer acquisition, lending, upsell (Q2

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