FinTech, PropTech, LendTech, TravelTech, MedTech, InsureTech…are all initiatives that share common characteristics. Do you have all 4 of these enablers as part of your plan?

Most mature organizations lack the ability to tackle xTech disruption a timely and successful manner with existing capabilities and capacity, therefore, seeing:

  • Lower retention of clients

  • Limited differentiation in evolving environment 

  • Commoditization of offerings, lower margins even if higher revenue from some products

Most mature organizations simply do not have a realistic plan.

Are you confident in your FinTech Readiness & Open Banking plans?

Most Financial Service organizations are now aware that they need an Open Banking plan, yet few have a strategy and plan they are confident in. 

Open Banking is a global movement driven to varying degrees by market and regulatory forces for a common objective — unleash the power of consumer and business data by allowing those that generate it, to direct it and benefit from it.

Financial Service organizations of all sizes and across most countries in the world will be greatly influenced by requirements to relinquish their exclusive hold over customer data, an asset long perceived to be their own proprietary intellectual property, and at the basis of the ability to retain a client. 

With Open Banking, all this changes and these companies will need to “up their game” to new levels of customer service, competitiveness and relevance through insights and analytics. 

3 Minute Intro to Open Banking

Our Promise - Compete successfully in an xTech and Open Banking World...starting with a single differentiated feature or product

Our Open Banking Program is a guided framework for designing and executing a solid plan for Open Banking. The focus of the program is on iterative execution at all phases, from strategy and planning through to testing in market and securing early adopters (clients, partners, vendor). We use the same principles that leading product teams implement to ensure they find and focus on solving the right problem that the market needs solved, rather than those that the company bureaucracy feels are important.

Output & Outcomes - A practical path forward that starts with a single, market validated feature or product

Strategy – An OB Strategy that is actually well aligned to your corporate, Marketing, Sales & Product strategies, and that allows you to speak with confidence to investors, clients and the market at large.

Market Validated Plan & Roadmap – A plan that is validated in market via iterative prototypes, and which establishes a clear 24 month roadmap for investments and actions to compete (and even dominate) in this space.

Guided Execution – Senior leadership and management support to execute the plan, step by step, augmenting your existing capacity (which is likely focused on running the current business).

Accountability – Given how fundamental this is to your future, we will institute a very demanding accountability regimen that does not allow this to become another project that slips the bounds of company timing and execution. Simply put – we will hold you accountable for what is agreed upon.

Program Methodology - How it works, Step by Step

The top companies in the world use suitable Agile type methods as an inherent part of their operations, across all parts of the firm. not just product development.

Our Open Banking Program leverages the same core principles and methods to ensure the right choices are made, from Strategy, to Planning, Product Testing and Investments.

A rigorous Product Market Validation is at the very core of what we bring to clients. It is this focus that yields the most precise results in shortest time possible, at the lowest risk.

After watching the short intro video, please click to see a 1-2 minute preview of each phase. 

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