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Raw Data is Helpful…Enriched Data is Far More Useful…Actionable Insight is the Best!

Our data services are Use-Case driven, tailored to user personas across select industries. We partner with the world’s top data vendors and utilize their data assets to deliver superior datasets for DIY modelling, draft analytical models as well as reporting and dashboards for further analytics and decision support. 


Are your people truly your most valuable resource?

While most executives will agree that their talent pool is a critical resource, they are seldom in a position to speak about this talent in a measurable (and contextual) way. 

How capable is my team for this upcoming core area of investment we are considering?

How do we compare with others?

What talent risks do we face? 

Talent data is comprised of both internal and external information about people, roles, companies and market segments. A core focus of Global Data Insights is helping firms answer these and other practical Talent questions, some strategic, other tactical.