VisaNet +AI Adds Predictive Element To Processing And Settlements (

Within financial services, artificial intelligence (AI) is typically deployed in various efforts to identify and stop fraud. But advanced technologies can also be leveraged to help financial institutions (FIs) operate more efficiently, improving the end-to-end payments experience for their consumers. It’s that holistic approach that has driven Visa’s expanded AI initiative announced Tuesday (Feb. 2). The company said it has […]

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The Slow Death Of Checking Accounts (Ron Shelvin,

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE FINTECH SNARK TANK I recently spoke to First National Horse and Buggy about their innovation efforts. Here are two innovative ways the company is planning to improve their customers’: Convenience. As they age, people find it harder to climb the stairs to get into a buggy. So FNHB will be deploying mini-escalators attached […]

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Australia’s Central Bank Calls For Switch From Visa, Mastercard To Cheaper EFTPOS (

Australian regulators are considering whether it is necessary to stop banks from automatically routing “tap and go” card payments through Visa and Mastercard, when retailers could be using EFTPOS, which is a local payment network that is cheaper, according to a report by Reuters. Visa and Mastercard, as well as the four major banks, control all of […]

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When blockchain arrives in fintech, old-line payment processors will feel the pain (Beth Kindig,

Finance is changing rapidly through mergers and acquisitions, but not rapidly enough. There will be tremendous pressure for traditional payment processors to get with the times and adopt blockchain, or else they will be left behind by lower-cost competitors. Visa V, -0.64%  on Jan. 13 said it plans to acquire Plaid, a back-end software company that helps applications […]

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Open Banking, CeBIH’s role and Nigeria’s e-payment growth

Open Banking is an initiative that is aimed at addressing the challenge confronting many bank customers, especially those with multiple bank accounts. For these customers, they would have to visit the branches of each bank, or use their different mobile apps before they can access or use their money in any of the different bank […]

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What’s Visa Going To Do With Plaid? (Ron Shelvin,

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE FINTECH SNARK TANK Nothing gets venture capitalists to congratulate themselves on how smart they are like a startup that gets acquired for an ungodly amount of money. [There’s even a Twitter account with the name “VCs Congratulating Themselves,” which has gained more than 4,000 followers since the account was created in November […]

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Payments Providers Combat The Conflict Between Security, User Experience (

In financial services, demand for ease of use and security are sky-high, even for business customers. But for many service providers, achieving one can often mean compromising the other. Payments and financial service providers are facing an even greater challenge in balancing these two capabilities in the age of open banking and cloud migrations, with […]

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India’s About to Hand People Data Americans Can Only Dream Of (Saritha Rai, Bloomberg)

India has more than 560 million internet users, all generating data by the terabyte. Soon they’ll have an unprecedented amount of control over their digital financial footprints, with the ability to decide what to share, with whom, and for how long. India’s top banks are getting ready to roll out a system that gives consumers […]

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Fintech needs to reach down the value chain (Anouar Bourakkadi Idrissi, Gulf News)

Vast segments of UAE’s transaction space still dominated by cash purely because of ease. The continuous change in the payment industry has gone into overdrive and will only move faster. From digital disruption to the race to innovate, it is becoming more important for organisations to change and adapt in a market that never ceases. […]

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2020 payments innovation: Industry experts say new tech is key (Evie Rusman,

Speaking to Evie Rusman, industry experts discuss how innovation is set to transform the payments sector in 2020 and provide new opportunities Abdeslam Alaoui Smaili, HPS Innovation Is key for payments sector Payments is a dynamic sphere that is constantly changing. 2019 has been no different for the industry. Underlining this year of transformation, in my opinion, […]