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How Organizations Can Avoid Alternative Data Fatigue (Gary Read,

While the alternative data market is thriving—and projected to be worth $350 million in 2020, up from $183 million in 2016—we have witnessed organizations suffer from alternative data fatigue in 2019. The same groups of alternative datasets are being packaged and sold to the same groups of hedge funds, who then typically spend more time preparing the data than […]

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The “Rise of Alternative Data:” So, What the Heck Is It? (Luke Fitzpatrick,

Big data adoption is fairly widespread, with 53% of companies using it in 2017. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.- Advertisement – Now, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value of alternative data that may not have been on their radar a few years ago. In fact, total buy-side spend jumped from $232 […]

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GAO Asked to Study Alternative Data Credit Decisions (

In a new letter last month, a group of Democratic lawmakers asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to take a closer look at the use of alternative data for credit decisions, particularly in the context of mortgage lending. Alternative data can help lenders expand access to credit and make loans available to more consumers who […]

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India’s About to Hand People Data Americans Can Only Dream Of (Saritha Rai, Bloomberg)

India has more than 560 million internet users, all generating data by the terabyte. Soon they’ll have an unprecedented amount of control over their digital financial footprints, with the ability to decide what to share, with whom, and for how long. India’s top banks are getting ready to roll out a system that gives consumers […]

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Dec 2019 Toronto CDO Executive Summit (Evanta, Gartner) – Video Summary by Simon Brightman

Introductory note & videos Thank you Evanta for the invitation to attend the 2019 Toronto Chief Data Officer Summit. To show my thanks, here is a short summary of the main points I took away from each of the sessions I attended.  You can watch the entire summary (24 minutes total across 6 sessions) or […]

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What is Alternative Data? (by

What is Alternative Data? Alternative data refers to data used by investors to evaluate a company or investment that is not within their traditional data sources (financial statements, SEC filings, management presentations, press releases, etc.). Alternative data helps investors get more accurate, faster, or more granular insights and metrics into company performance than traditional data […]