Beat the Market Impacts of C19 – A Global Call for Market Collaboration

Unprecedented times call for new approaches. We are launching a Global Program aimed at immediately revolutionizing the manner in which firms and organizations across all domains collaborate in order to solve the most urgent COVID-19 market challenges impacting their clients and customers. 

The focus of this initiative, to start, is on immediately enhancing data, analytics, tools and skill-sharing between organizations, with a laser focus on solving distinct market problems. 

Whether Finance and Lending, Education, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare or Entertainment, the firms that operate in these spaces and all of their clients are suffering tremendous impacts as we speak.

This is a callout to Banks, Lenders, Firms and Industry Associations in any of the above domains. To Investors, Consultants, University Researchers and Students, Journalists, Product Vendors, Analytics Firms, Talent Agencies, Cloud Infrastructure Providers and all the experts who make these operations run.

With a collaborative focus, we have a chance to have an immediate impact. Below are some proposed guidelines, to address key questions. Fill out the form at the bottom to get started and post your interest or ideas about a project. Someone will be in touch within the next 24 hours. Ready or not, get in touch, and please share this with others all around the world.

I think this is worth a shot,

Simon Brightman

Sample initiativeWide-scale distributed individual-level diagnostic of COVID-19 symptoms via remote on-person sensors

The global fight against COVID-19 has claimed a tremendous toll in lives as well as economic well being. Sadly, as of this writing, an end is not yet in sight. The thesis of this article is that a massive, distributed individual-level data gathering system is needed in order to proactively detect symptoms, diagnose the virus as well as develop immunizations and therapeutics with greater success. In addition, such an early warning system would allow local, regional and national governments to far better deploy critical resources, ultimately saving lives.

The solution lies in individual-level collection via distributed sensory technology that uses existing and new hardware and software including phones and wearables, governed by a robust infrastructure to ensure the legal, compliant and proper use of this sensitive data to achieve important goals in the current fight against COVID-19 as well as future fights which we will undoubtedly face. Such a system can be launched in weeks and needs urgent collaboration from government, industry, medical and other key stakeholders.

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Proposed Program Operating Guidelines

Where will the funding/support come from?

  • People – Organizations will allocate existing staff to projects they are championing and/or other ones where they feel they can help. Individual contributors are also most welcome, whether consultants, students, retirees or others. 
  • Data – their own, contributed
  • Tools – they own and sell, contributed to the teams for 12 months
  • Infrastructure/Systems – they own and sell, contributed to the teams for 12 months
  • Sponsorship – sponsors will be sought to provide direct financial or in-kind contributions to the projects

What are the Roles & Responsibilities, Team composition?

  • This will vary by project goal but a base group should include several key members, between 5-8 as a rule of thumb, with sub teams as needed within specific domains.
  • Executive sponsor – A senior executive from one of the lead firms, with strong relationships and influence within the target domain (able to assist in contacting, connecting, “cutting through obstacles”) 
  • Project manager/s – From within the companies or independent contributors.
  • Data scientist 
  • Data engineer
  • Programmer/s
  • Account management from the market domain targeted
  • Product manager
  • Product marketing and communications 
  • Legal expert
  • Subject Matter Expert/s – from the target domain

Who will decide the staffing of a project team? 

  • The participants will self govern. There should be very little reason to reject a contributor unless he/she is considered deceitful, incapable or similar.

How will the teams collaborate in practice?

  • Let the PM decide, but some proposed options are:
    • Slack unless other option is better
    • Daily Standups 
    • Google docs for collaboration

What is the mandate of the program management team for the initiative?

  • Overall program management which includes 
    • Outreach to sponsors and potential participants
    • Securing execution and collaboration infrastructure
    • Reporting, status of initiatives 
    • Communication between teams to enhance collaboration
    • Problem solving within and across teams 

What scope should projects have?

  • Immediate impact is the primary goal, to alleviate pain for individuals and companies (their staff) servicing them. So, start with very targeted in terms of audience and the daily issues hurting them right now, or ones that will become painful/problematic in short order. Not all of these are life threatening, but they are life altering and represent an opportunity to solve a problem while allowing the organization to execute its goals.
  • Geographically, the immediate scope should be limited in order to reduce complexity. That said, multiple projects can exist in parallel and collaborate, each targeting similar issues in their own domains. 
  • Languages may be any and all, to meet the needs of target audiences.

How is revenue distributed across the teams?

  • A portion of revenues should be allocated to charitable organizations servicing the consumers or other individuals in need. We will expand on the governance around this to ensure it is done in an optimal way
  • The revenue should be used to cover operating costs respectively within the various participants
  • A very small portion of revenue will be used to cover the program management operations. These amounts will be fully disclosed to all program participants.

Who does any IP belong to?

  • What parties bring, stays their own
  • Anything new belongs jointly to the participants

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