Beat the Market Impacts of C19

CLA Launches Online Collaboration Forum

Unprecedented times call for new approaches. We are launching a Global Program aimed at immediately revolutionizing the manner in which firms and organizations across all domains collaborate in order to solve the most urgent COVID-19 market challenges impacting their clients and customers. 

The focus of this initiative, to start, is on immediately enhancing data, analytics, tools and skill-sharing between organizations, with a laser focus on solving distinct market problems. 

This is a callout to Banks, Lenders, Firms and Industry Associations in any of the above domains. To Investors, Consultants, University Researchers and Students, Journalists, Product Vendors, Analytics Firms, Talent Agencies, Cloud Infrastructure Providers and all the experts who make these operations run.

Sample initiativeWide-scale distributed individual-level diagnostic of COVID-19 symptoms via remote on-person sensors

The global fight against COVID-19 has claimed a tremendous toll in lives as well as economic well being. Sadly, as of this writing, an end is not yet in sight. The thesis of this article is that a massive, distributed individual-level data gathering system is needed in order to proactively detect symptoms, diagnose the virus as well as develop immunizations and therapeutics with greater success. In addition, such an early warning system would allow local, regional and national governments to far better deploy critical resources, ultimately saving lives.

The solution lies in the individual-level collection via distributed sensory technology that uses existing and new hardware and software including phones and wearables, governed by a robust infrastructure to ensure the legal, compliant and proper use of this sensitive data to achieve important goals in the current fight against COVID-19 as well as future fights which we will undoubtedly face. Such a system can be launched in weeks and needs urgent collaboration from government, industry, medical and other key stakeholders.

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