Alternative Data

What is Alternative Data? (by

What is Alternative Data? Alternative data refers to data used by investors to evaluate a company or investment that is not within their traditional data sources (financial statements, SEC filings, management presentations, press releases, etc.). Alternative data helps investors get more accurate, faster, or more granular insights and metrics into company performance than traditional data […]


Growth In A Customer-Led Market (Forrester)

2017 and 2018 CX Index results show that banks are struggling to create and maintain a human connection with customers. If customer loyalty is an economic engine, that engine is sputtering. This erosion of loyalty is happening while fintech providers specializing in specific high-value experiences and commerce platforms optimized for customer engagement move more aggressively […]

Global Open Banking UK Videos

Why Open Banking is the Future of Fintech (Imran Gulamhuseinwala,

Open Banking is a big deal, with wide implications – yet it still feels like the best-kept secret within financial services. It’s not about branches opening longer – it’s about an imminent, seismic shift in the world of banking, which rebalances the relationship between businesses, banks and customers with the recognition that data has value.

Canada Open Banking

The Future of Open Banking Is Closer Than You Think (Dan Coulter, Concentra Bank)

In every successful industry, you’re sure to find innovators creating and evolving products and services to suit modern needs. The ability to react quickly and effectively to technology and changing consumer demands is crucial for companies and industries to grow. Unfortunately, Canada’s heavily regulated banking industry, dominated by a risk-averse oligopoly of six large […]