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How Covid-19 turned out to be Open Banking’s moment to shine (Constanza Castro Feijóo,

If you were to ask a UK business in the past few months whether they use Open Banking, they might look confused. But if you asked them whether they’ve been using digital tools to help them forecast their cashflow, see their accounts in real time, issue paperless invoices to clients or apply for a government […]


How data analytics and machine learning are transforming money lending – CDO at Monedo (

Konstantinos Papakonstantinou remembers a time when the use of AI was barely spoken about in the financial sector. “A few years back it was very hard to go to a conference and hear professionals from different organisations talk about leveraging alternative data sources and machine learning to underwrite customers,” he says. “Now we see many […]

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How Effective Are Contact Tracing Apps? (Chloe Hadavas,

This article is part of Privacy in the Pandemic, a Future Tense series. At the heart of recent debates on automated contact tracing in the U.S. and Europe has been the issue of privacy. The underlying assumption of these discussions is that contact tracing apps can serve as a kind of panacea—a way for societies to reopen with minor inconvenience—if […]

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What we need is a Global Public-Health Data Strategy for Beating COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

Summary Inthe first 4 months of 2020, the United States alone has seen a death toll from COVID-19 of 60,000 people, which matches all American deaths suffered during 12 years of war in Vietnam. At the same time, annual US deaths from Cancer in 2020 alone are estimated to be over 600,000. While the cause of the COVID-19 […]

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Four Positive Impacts of the COVID-19 “New Normal” to Organizations (Simon Brightman,

What will the “New Normal” look like for organizations of all shapes and sizes? In this article I propose four areas (risk-taking & decision-making, budgets & investments, partnerships & collaborations, sales & client management) where change has the potential to yield positive impacts, as organizations adapt and redefine many aspects of their strategies & operations. […]

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The fight against COVID-19 needs an urgent lesson in data management from the finance and retail sectors (Simon Brightman,

The way to get back to a “new normal”, our national economies going, workers back to work and our kids back to school is with a massive user-contributed data strategy and simple, iterative execution plan Author’s note: This article was written on April 6th, a few days before the now widely shared announcements by Google Apple […]

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Cambridge University – Progress using COVID-19 patient data to train machine learning models for healthcare

Following the call for governments to use machine learning and AI techniques to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Mihaela van der Schaar gives an update on a working proof of concept she has built using anonymised data from Public Health England. The progress we’ve made so far is extremely encouraging: we now have a […]


World FinTech Report 2020: FinTech Collaboration Is Even-More Essential Now for Banks to Achieve Customer-Centricity

Banks that collaborate, embrace Open X and transform into Inventive Banks are most likely to prosper Capgemini and Efma published the World FinTech Report 2020 revealing that despite a widening gulf between traditional banks on one side and BigTechs and challenger banks on the other, traditional banks have an opportunity to thrive in today’s market by embracing Open X1 and becoming Inventive […]