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Commission adds AI research ‘lighthouse’ to innovation priorities amid budget wrangle

MEPs warn the European Commission’s ambitious agenda in artificial intelligence and greening the economy are stretching limited resources thin The AI lighthouse is part of broader ambitions to pull in up to €20 billion every year for the next decade from private and public funds for AI research. To stimulate the private investments, the commission […]


The New Business of AI (and How It’s Different From Traditional Software), Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein,

At a technical level, artificial intelligence seems to be the future of software. AI is showing remarkable progress on a range of difficult computer science problems, and the job of software developers – who now work with data as much as source code – is changing fundamentally in the process. Many AI companies (and investors) […]

Fintech Technology Giants

Big Tech will have to share data under EU proposals ( Javier Espinoza, Madhumita Murgia, Richard Waters, Financial Times)

Dominant tech companies will have to open up their troves of data to smaller rivals, as other sectors such as financial services already do, the European Commission said, in proposals aimed at breaking down the monopolies such as those of Amazon and Google. In a document outlining a “European strategy for data”, the commission said […]

Fintech Payments

The Slow Death Of Checking Accounts (Ron Shelvin,

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE FINTECH SNARK TANK I recently spoke to First National Horse and Buggy about their innovation efforts. Here are two innovative ways the company is planning to improve their customers’: Convenience. As they age, people find it harder to climb the stairs to get into a buggy. So FNHB will be deploying mini-escalators attached […]

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What Does the Future Hold for AI in Fintech? (

The financial services industry has dramatically expanded beyond traditional banks and credit unions to include countless new players, from startups such as Acorns, Venmo, and Mint to tech giants including Apple and Google who are now expanding into fintech. Customers are gravitating toward services that offer the easiest user experience (UX), which should mean the fintech playing-field […]

AI & ML Fintech

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance AI Report: Financial Services are Undergoing Profound Digital Transformation Underpinned by Artificial Intelligence (JD Alois,

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, has published a new report on artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of financial services. CCAF is the leading research entity covering the global ecosystem of Fintech from online capital formation, to blockchain and more. This most recent report highlights the paradigm […]