Content Authorship

The content on Global Data Insights is principally curated, authored and vetted by myself, Simon Brightman.

Like many other executives, I have been around the “analytics block” for more than a few years. I strongly believe that the progress towards a world where consumer (and business) data is recognized as their own  property and can be leveraged to their own benefit (by smart, analytically focused third parties who secure consent) is transformational in nature.  


About Me

While I spend a lot of time in Toronto, I am an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Management. My research interests include global strategy, data analytics and the use of AI, ML and RL (Reinforcement Learning) in strategic decision making in government, international organizations, as well as corporations. 

I have lectured on technology commercialization, innovation, product development, loyalty, analytics and open banking for over 15 years in private and public organizations and have served as a senior executive of data analytics technology firms, including as Head of Data Strategy & Open Banking for Transunion, VP Product Analytics at Panvista and Head of Product at I hold a BSc. in Computer Software & Business Management, an MBA as well as a Masters in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Advisory & Investment Support

Within the domain of data analytics, big-data, machine learning and AI, my professional focus includes advisory and investment support within three main areas: 

  1. Data Strategy – Essentially the mandate of a Chief Data Officer, who focuses on developing strategies and implementing plans that focus on the use of company data assets and analytics as a core enabler of product development and subsequent market adoption.
  2. Open Banking (and Consumer Permissioned Data) Strategy & Readiness – This covers the development of a specific strategy and plan for organizations who recognize the need to determine their path in wake of the coming (or already present) tsunami of regulatory and market changes, then proceeds to oversee the operational execution of this plan in market, working with cross-functional team members.
  3. Product Market Validation Program – This focuses on the execution of a disciplined program which, within a target of 90 days, yields a series of market validated opportunities for product development and investment. This program is suitable for companies of all sizes who may benefit from dedicated expertise and support to conduct a rigorous program, augmenting their existing operationally focused teams. 

These advisory and investment services focused on data analytics driven disruption, cover an array of domains including financial services (banking, lending), insurance, healthcare, education, transportation, loyalty, retail, non-profit and government services. 

Learn more about me and connect on Linked in. If you run a fintech (xtech firm) or other early stage venture, let’s chat.

Content Contributions (Curated & Original)

Basic Guidelines

Here are some of the basic guidelines I use to decide whether content is relevant or not:

  1. Utility – Does this content help readers form an opinion or enlighten their current knowledge (within the scope of our overall coverage)?
  2. Insight – Does this content simply state well known, obvious facts and trends, or does it go a level deeper to provide depth and insight
  3. Credibility – Is the source credible
  4. Professionalism – Is the content respectful (if professionally critical) of other people, companies or parties
  5. Consumability – Is a reader/viewer able to engage with the content in a few minutes?  


Curated content

Curated content is greatly welcome, so long as it is:

  1. Not protected – i.e. it must be from a source that is openly available, nor must it be restricted for re-posting to a general public.
  2. Useful and not just marketing or sales collateral – The content must be informative and well sourced. If you are not sure, send it in and I would be happy to take a look. Important industry and product updates from companies are most welcome, so long as they are truly useful and insightful, rather than a rehash of their website. 


Original content 

Original content will complement curated material to help form a more personal, relevant and focused content base for readers. This may take on any form whatsoever, so long as it conforms to the above guidelines. 

Here are some ideas:

  1.  Video blog – A short video of yourself explaining a specific topic that falls within our scope of coverage.  This may be a specific trend, event, observation or development. Length should be no more than a few minutes (5 minutes is best, but under 10 min please). If you are covering a few topics, create separate videos please. 
  2. Written opinion  – A short written position piece, similar to the video blog above.
  3.  Analysis – Whether video or written, take as much time as you need. Just make sure the content can be consumed in bite size chunks!

Sample Vlog Posts