Data Provisioning

This helps reduce the load on your internal teams, ensuring the right assets are identified, vetted and delivered in a usable manner.

We collaborate with the world’s top vendors to ensure you have access to the data needed for your internal analysis work.

Data Transformation

Seldom is system (or acquired) data ready for data scientists to start using.

Most data assets will likely need transformations to meet analytical readiness. We handle uber-sized transformation, so your teams don’t have to.

Data Enrichment

Single sources of internal or acquired data are hardly ever sufficient for data analysis, without additional fields to augment or enrich them.

Our data enrichment combines multiple assets to create holistic, lean, reliable and comprehensive datasets.

DATA Reporting & Dashboards

PowerBi, Tableau, Qlik or Alteryx and others are super BI tools, but not always the easiest to work with for your reporting and decision support needs. This is where we come in, with years of experience with industry leading BI tools, to help rapidly create the outputs you need.

Data Modeling

Advanced modelling is a goal oriented task which develops new models to help better explain and predict key business outcomes.




Lack of Data is one of the top reasons cited by CIOs, CTO and other leaders when discussing their analytical challenges. From our experience, this is true, yet easily overcome with the right data augmentation and enrichment support, suited to the select Use Case.

Our data services are Use-Case driven, tailored to user personas across select industries. We partner with the world’s top data vendors and utilize their data assets to deliver superior datasets for DIY modelling, draft analytical models as well as reporting and dashboards for further analytics and decision support.


Are your people truly your most valuable resource?‚Äč

While most executives will agree their talent pool is a critical resource, they are seldom in a position to speak about this talent in a measurable (and contextual) way. 

Sample Use Cases include:

  • Our AbilitiesHow capable is my team suited to an upcoming core area of investment we are considering? (so that my assessment to peers and leaders is truly accurate)

  • Our Position How do we benchmark / compare with others? (so clients choose us over others)

  • Our RisksWhat talent related risks do we face? (retention, skills)

Talent data is comprised of both internal and external information about people, roles, companies and market segments. A core focus of Global Data Insights is helping firms answer these and other practical Talent questions, some strategic, other tactical.

Talent Analysis Samples – FS, Insurance and Banking Public Companies – Visualized

The following samples provide a peek into results of the analytical work we do, evaluating companies and individuals, their capabilities, skills, absolute and relative positions to others in their sectors.

Company Analytical Strength, via Analysis of Key Analytical Certifications held and Courses undertaken by team members

Researcher Notes: Cluster 1, Magenta, is comprised largely of low to mid strength companies (e.g. Standard Charter, Old National), while Cluster 2 light blue showcases the companies with stronger abilities (e.g. ING, SVB, Blackstone), as measured by the relevant analytical oriented courses taken and certifications held by team members. As shown, companies in the Cluster 3, dark blue, have very strong relative abilities, with companies such as Moody’s, Msci, Amex, First republic and more.

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